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Studio Pets By Myrna is the project of fashion photographer Myrna Huijing. Myrna’s love for animals and photography is combined in this incredible, fun and fashion-forward designer products.

Studio Pets are cute baby animals photographed in adorable settings, with stylish props and stunning graphics. Studio Pets are instantly recognizable, irresistible and creative. With hundreds of images to choose from, Studio Pets have inspired many successful merchandise collections around the world.

You can get the license of Studio Pets and choose to build entire product collection around one Studio Pet or mix and match the characters together. Your personal collection will be totally irresistible.


The Studio Pets license includes unique video footage that can be used to make the merchandise come to life - literally! The video can be activated with a QR code featured on a packaging, hangtag or on the back of a product. The consumers can also go directly to the Studio Pets YouTube Channel.


To further enhance the Studio Pets program, each Studio Pets key character has been captured in a 3D mold! These 3D figures give your products a whole new dimension. They can easily translate into 3-dimensional products and product features - plush, figurines, charms, zipper pulls, jewelry and more! Have fun showing off your very own 3D Studio Pets.



  • Hundreds of characters to choose from, with their own name & copy.
  • Fully edited images; each little hair is separated from the background by our experts in fur editing.
  • Large collection of style guides with stylish patterns, backgrounds and illustrations
  •  Adorable video content
  • Largest pet imagery data base in the world, but if needed, images can be created on request
  • Exclusivity; no double licensing within same product category and territory
  • Images with the latest fashionable props and styles

A pet imagery brand has never been so unique and complete. With a photo shoot, video footage and 3D figurines that can be used for all types of merchandise, Studio Pets have become world-class stars.

We offer distribution opportunities for our very own greeting card collections as well as licensing opportunities for a wide range of high end products.

CPL is Studio Pets Licensing Agent for the following countries: Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Caribbean Islands,