Strengthen your opportunities associating your products to our brands and characters.

Diverse products, from clothes to school supplies including food, you can associate yourself to the image of our characters, celebrities or brands, benefitting from a constant support from television, cine, videos, toys, and promotional campaigns for mass markets. 



Strengthen your position and boost your sales

We specialize in the creation of promotional campains and production of prizes, offering a complete service to convert ideas into succesful promotional campains.

Why associate yourself with us to develop your promotional campaign?

  • Wide experience in Promotions

  • Permanent contact with innovation and creative concepts around the world

  • Technological capacity and technology to produce and satisfy specific demand, not only in with our licenses but also generic concepts


Create surprising product lines with us

We advise you on all the different aspects of the product line creation, from the creation of the product up to its production, surprise the market with attractive and innovative products. We have available the characters and brands most loved, successful and trendy for your product line.

  • Clothes

  • Accessories

  • Health and Beauty

  • Food

  • Stationery


Develop innovative editorial lines with us

Rely on our guidance to develop publishing lines; we have the most renowned licenses as well as an alternative innovative range of products with the interest themes of today’s world.

Also we have the capacity to produce your publishing line.

  • Activity Books

  • Story Books

  • Comic Books

  • Print collections … and more!