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Small Smurfs Big Goals campaign inspires support for Sustainable Development Goals

Voice actors from the upcoming animated movie Smurfs: The Lost Village today joined officials from the United Nations, UNICEF and United Nations Foundation at the world body’s headquarters in New York to celebrate International Day of Happiness with a campaign promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The “Small Smurfs Big Goals” campaign is designed to encourage young people everywhere to learn about and support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by world leaders in 2015 to help make the world more peaceful, equitable and healthy.  
As part of the celebrations, Team Smurfs recognized three young advocates -- Karan Jerath (20), Sarina Divan (17), and Noor Samee (17) -- for their actions to promote the Goals.

Jerath, a UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals, invented a containment device that could prevent offshore oil spills and ensure the protection of marine life. Divan expanded a UN Foundation girl empowerment initiative at her high school and beyond, and Samee is a UNICEF blogger and advocate on social justice issues and raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The movie’s U.S. stars -- Demi Lovato, Joe Manganiello and Mandy Patinkin -- presented the three young students with a symbolic key to the Smurfs Village in recognition of their work.

“This inspirational campaign highlights the fact that each and every one of us, no matter how young or old, small or big, can make our world a better and happier place,” said Cristina Gallach, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information. “We are grateful to creative partners like Sony Pictures Animation and Team Smurfs for their spirit of collaboration in helping the UN reach diverse audiences.”

The Small Smurfs Big Goals campaign culminates on the International Day of Happiness on 20 March, which emphasizes the importance of personal happiness and well-being. The idea is closely linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which include decent work for all, access to nutritious food, quality education and health services, and freedom from discrimination.

“Today we have seen how the Small Smurfs Big Goals campaign is giving children and young people a platform to speak out about issues they are passionate about. As we celebrate International Day of Happiness, we hope many more young people are empowered to take action on the Sustainable Development Goals and help achieve a world free from poverty, inequality and injustice,” said Caryl M. Stern, UNICEF US Fund President and CEO.

The actors and UN officialsaddressed some 1,500 studentsattending an international Model UN conference in the iconic General Assembly Hall of the United Nations, where they encouraged all participants and the public to join “Team Smurfs”.

The campaign invites the general public to visit to find out how to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and share information, ideas and images on social media.

The actors also premiered a new public service announcement video starring cast members of the film that inspires viewers to join the campaign and champion the Sustainable Development Goals.

“We hope the campaign will help us all think about how our actions impact the planet,” said Demi Lovato, who voices Smurfette in the movie. “Every one of us, even a Small Smurf, can accomplish Big Goals!”

The United Nations Postal Administration closed out the blue carpet event by unveiling a special edition stamp sheet featuring the Small Smurfs Big Goals campaign. The film cast along with the Belgian Ambassador to the United Nations, Marc Pecsteen de Buytswerve, and United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Management, Stephen Cutts, presented the Small Smurfs Big Goals UN stamps to the press.

Along with the event at the United Nations, other celebrations took place in 18 countries around the world including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Russia and the UK, to name a few, to help raise awareness for the “Small Smurfs Big Goals” campaign and the Goals.

“Since 1958, the Smurfs have embodied around the world the universal values of camaraderie, helping one another, tolerance, optimism, and respecting Mother Nature,” said Véronique Culliford, the daughter of Peyo, who created the Smurfs. “It’s been an honor and privilege for The Smurfs to support the United Nations and to continue our longstanding relationship with UNICEF with this campaign focused on raising awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals.”

On March 20, festivities for the International Day of Happiness will culminate in a special ceremony with the film cast along with United Nations, UNICEF and United Nations Foundation officials where they will help turn the Empire State Building blue to commemorate the occasion.





Cartoon Network and its partners the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are launching a new Public Service Announcement aimed at educating children in Latin America and the Caribbean about controlling the spread of the Zika virus, which continues to affect vulnerable populations in the region.

“Dear friends. Thanks to your bravery, Mission Zika phase 1 was completed. But the fight heats up again when it rains. You must locate and remove all mosquito breeding sites in your home and school…”

With those words, Cartoon Network Latin America begins broadcasting the second phase of “Mission Zika”, a joint educational campaign using a mix of live action and animation in public service announcements to empower children to help prevent Zika by eliminating mosquito breeding sites and taking other simple actions at home and school.  The spots are being broadcast in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

The new campaign reflects the continuing collaboration between the children’s leading entertainment brand and two leading United Nations agencies: PAHO, which works to improve health in all the countries in the Americas, and UNICEF, which works to protect children worldwide. The campaign was first launched in May 2016 to raise awareness about the Zika virus, which continues to threaten the region, affecting pregnant women and their babies in particular.   

In the campaign, mission instructions that kids can download call on all young “superheroes” to help stop the spread of the virus and protect themselves, their families and neighborhoods. “…You must locate and remove all mosquito breeding sites in your home and school, such as water in barrels, old tires, bowls for pets, even bottle caps; fill plant pots with sand; put screens on windows and doors; use insect repellant and advise women who are pregnant to wear long sleeves and long skirts or pants. Take cover! We must stop these dangerous creatures from multiplying. Our fate is in your hands!”

“As the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases remain a threat in many communities, we are pleased to work with Cartoon Network Latin America and UNICEF to enlist the public, especially young people, to prevent the spread of the infection in the Americas,” said Dr. Carissa F. Etienne, director of PAHO.  “Our most important tool to combat Zika—and at the same time, dengue and chikungunya—is control of the Aedes mosquitoes that live in and around houses and bite people. As children learn the facts from this Cartoon Network campaign, they can help prevent disease and save lives by reducing the number of mosquitoes.”   

“Through The Cartoon Movement we remain committed to the health and well-being of the audiences we serve. Cartoon Network’s Latin America’s broad media reach as a kids' entertainment brand is a fantastic tool to continue to help combat Zika in the region,” said Barry Koch, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Tooncast Latin America. “We are counting on the children to share the message and help modify habits in the places where they live and play.”

Never before in Latin America has an infection transmitted by a mosquito resulted in such devastating neurological and other abnormalities with long-term consequences for both children and their families. For this reason, prevention of Zika virus transmission is of utmost importance, particularly in the most vulnerable communities.  “Children are key actors to promote prevention activities at home, in schools and in their communities everywhere. This campaign will ensure that children and their families have more information about the means of transmission and prevention, so they can play their role in stopping the spread of Zika virus,” said Maria Cristina Perceval, UNICEF Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.