Feisty Pets® are a collectible line of interactive plush that go from cute to ferociously fun with just a gentle squeeze of the toys head. Created by Mark Forti of WMC toys, Feisty Pets® was the breakout entertainment brand that exploded across social media platforms in 2017!

As the ultimate prank and role play toy, fans can’t get enough of Glenda Glitterpoop™, Princess Pottymouth™, Sammy Suckerpunch™, Sir-Growls-a-lot™, Vicky Vicious™ and the rest of the gang, as they surprise their victims with hidden “Stuffed Attitude™ emotions that suddenly appear with raging fangs, evil sarcastic grins, or just dumb looking doofus-smiles!



  • Buzzfeed’s 2016 Toy of the Year

  •’s #1 and #2 most sold plush toy during the 2016 holiday season

  •’s #1 Selling plush toy on Cyber Monday


The Youtube channel in which the Feisty Pets go on hysterical adventures, all the while, highlighting the absurdities of the adult world our characters (and their fans) attempt to navigate every day.


Feisty Films often parody memes, current events, pop-culture trends, TV shows and Films, and everything else in this crazy media-driven world!

With new episodes and compilations premiering every Tuesday, the Feisty Films YouTube series has been a runaway success from the very first episode in June, 2017. Within 1 year of the series launch, Feisty Films has already amassed 119,000 subscribers and 93,000,000 views, setting the stage for a wildly successful digital channel. 

CPL is Feisty Pets Licensing Agent for the following countries: Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panamá, Perú, Caribbean Islands, Belize, Trinid. y Tob.